Happy birthday

to me! if anybody wants to get me anything i'll take anything but what i really want is a Wii yeah just throwing that out there. slow day, my mother dosn't wanna go to the movies anymore.. i saw that coming hopefully ill have something to do besides grocery shopping.
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 not much to report but um saadia already seems awesome and i think i could possibly have a real friend in her lol once her mass studying is over lol.
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im back?

 maybe. so about week ago  i decided i wanted to come back to live journal i miss it kinda. i guess i kinda miss putting my self out there. my paranoia and just plain shyness have been keeping me in a ball. Lately i just been sad and lonely and i realized that i don't have any friends, online or off. its really sad. ive really been wanted love and friendship lately and i've really been trying but i get cold shoulders. i dunno if its because im bad at conversations ( usually with people i've never talked to) or do people just not like me. ive been thinking a lot about what people use to say to me and about me, people from school and family, and i just burst into tears. my birthdays coming up and i tell god i don't wanna see another year,  i just want him to end my life, and that i don't deserve to be here. what's wrong with me? why am i not good enough for anybody?
young gisele

so whats been going on with me? u might ask

um not much really same ol bs. um im started to HATE ITT. its a bullshit school i think. i been lookin at art schools i would love to transfer to. but its so blah. none are close. ugh arkansas is sooooo whack. um i started using Tumblr alot, you should to. i made a friend at school finally. her name is amy. but blah all the ppl i meet i dont know ifs appropiate to call them a friend or an associate. we talk but we're not like buddy buddy. idk w/e. blah